BFPA Purpose

The purpose of the Blandford Fair Preservation Association is:

The BFPA Articles of Incorporation, as provided to the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, can be found on the Corporations Page (

THE BFPA will accept donations and seek grant funding to preserve, enhance, and protect the physical facilities of The Blandford Fair, including the grounds and buildings at the fairgrounds in Blandford, Massachusetts. The BFPA board of directors will allocate said funds based upon written requests of the Blandford Fair's Board of Directors for the sole purpose of preserving, enhancing, and protecting the physical aspects of the fairgrounds and will not approve funds for the operation of the annual fair on Labor Day Weekend. The BFPA board of directors may elect to accept donations of funds, stocks, bonds, or real property and such donations will be noted as donations to a 501(c)(3) organization for tax purposes. The BFPA may also elect to create special restricted funding categories for specific projects based upon a specific need or upon request by a major donor.